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 Kick Start Build a web application in under 15 minutes  

Get up and running quickly and easily

Kick Start Pilots program gives you free professional services to get you up and running today! *

We realize that you're here to solve your business problems quickly. That's why we offer complimentary professional services for every small business and enterprise customer &mdash FREE!

In most cases, customers are up and running with their own customized business solutions in a few days.

The Kick Start includes services to fit your organization and process:

Base data structure ...

Customizing Lightspoke ...

Extending Lightspoke ...

To find out more about the Kick Start program, tell us more about your application and let us know how we might contact you.

Work Smart
Kick Start
Team Customize
I find some systems just have too many tabs. In Lightspoke, I can have different user types see just the tabs they need to see.
-- Naomi - Accounting
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