Built-To-Order Database Applications


We've spent the past 15 years helping businesses become more successful one application at a time.
Lightspoke is so easy to use, we help build most applications at no additional cost.


Leverage your Business Information
  • Centralize Information
    Get “on-track” by managing critical day-to-day activities in one place. Leave Excel confusion behind.
  • Improve Visibility
    Get a clear view of operations using real-time, ad-hoc reporting. Make better business decisions.
  • Automate Work Flow
    Get your team “in-sync” by having your application integrated to your business process. No more falling through the cracks.
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Custom Fit

(For Your Business)

  • Automate your business process
  • Personalize your individual roles
  • Track your key activities and metrics
Ready To Go
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive and "clutter-free"
  • Access Everywhere - iOS, Droid, Tablets, Phones
  • No Programming Required
Simplify Your Work
  • Intelligent notifications
  • Streamline operations for staff, clients, partners
  • Custom on-the-fly reporting
  • Your business is our main concern
Solutions At Work
Branded cloud-based service

Looking to roll out your own cloud based service? Lightspoke has been custom branding turn-key services for over a decade.

HIPPA and PCI-DSS compliant

Need the security and reliability expected in mission critical health care and financial application? Our deployments are "compliant ready".

Spotlight on service

From freight to brokerage to computer repair. We have a long history helping service companies automate their work.

Only what you need...

Are you tired of using canned software with "too many tabs". Try customizing a Lightspoke app to get you just what you need.

Re-discover Leverage

Lightspoke is so powerful we can build most applications with very little effort. It's like a power tool for business problems. Best of all, your application is "built-to-order". That is how we ensure your application gives your business a winning advantage.

Smart Notification
  • Event based notification
  • Subscription notification
  • Decision based on business logic
Birds-eye view
  • Custom Reporting
  • 360 Degree Forms
  • Charting
Nothing More, Nothing Less
  • Intuitive easy to use application.
  • Different applications for different roles
  • Personalized - see only records that are relevant
API Access
  • RESTful interfaces
  • Web Services
Turbo Charge
  • Complex calculations in views
  • Trigger custom business logic
  • Excel like grid editing
Lifecycle Recharge
  • Multi-step Work Flow Enabled
  • Personalization + Smart Notification + Custom Reporting
  • On-Premise QR Code Support
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Online Database and Workflow Software Automation Q & A

Automated Workflow Software with a customized online database can make your team work smater.

Benefits for online database driven workflow applications

Hosted online applications have become the standard in database driven business apps.

Below are some benefits of a customized online databases:

Database driven applications online tend to be expensive due to extensive programming required for web applications.In today's connected business world, new online database and cloud application requirements emerge faster than programmers can implement, leaving business users waiting for enhancements to their cloud applications. Custom programmed applications are often mired in setbacks before the application begins to truly benefit the user. An online database service can enable the citizen developer to self-service, thereby reducing TCO and time-to-market in maintaining the online database application.

Lightspoke is an online database service that enables you to create edit publish databases that are customized to support your business' unqiue work flow and automated to help you succeed. Moreover, sophisticated cloud applications can be built through easy-to-use dashboards, work flow, forms capabilities common in cloud applications. As a hosted cloud database service, Lightspoke provides necessary facilities to create, manage and host a database driven applications that live on the internet. Online customized workflows and dashboards glue your database driven web application together.Users can instantly share these apps securely with team members online.